PW PAL D-Backs Softball

Updated Wednesday August 9, 2017 by Robert Elkins .

D-Backs Softball:

I (Rob Elkins) have a direct coaching role in the PW PAL program. This program has greatly influenced the recent success of Port Washington Softball. The season before the 1st generation of PW PAL players ascended to the HS team, the HS team was winless in conference. The 1st year PW PAL players joined the team, they were undefeated. Lots of other folks played a major role but the positive impact PW PAL has on the HS program is undeniable. As a HS Coach, as a Travel Coach, as a Coach of high level International competition, I know what it takes to run a program and develop players. Read below to learn more.

There is a balance that needs to be struck between local little leagues and win at all cost travel programs. There should be a place where competition and skill development is more important than winning any particular game. A program where every kid makes the team instead of being cut before they're even teenagers. PW PAL is that place.  At PW PAL we use only professional coaches to run our teams. As PW PAL Director, I insist on a culture that focuses on skill and player development. Learn to play the game the right way, instill a love for the sport into every player, bond with your teammates and then the fact that we also have great on-field success is truly secondary.

Join the PAL D-Backs, the very best girls softball program anywhere. Three-peat Long Island Champions, back to back RGMV Champions, 2013 NJBL Champions, the list could go on! If you are a serious Softball player, this is the program for you. Get a full travel experience priced at the cost of a non-profit program. 20+ game schedule, local travel, overnight tournaments, outstanding trained coaches, specialized athletic training, and the experience and camaraderie that can only come from being part of a true team. Register early and reserve your spot, nobody gets cut at this age but space is limited.