10 Commandments of D-Back Softball

a tongue in cheek view of the sport

Updated Wednesday August 9, 2017 by Robert Elkins .

  1. We are the D-Backs, your chosen team and you shall have no other teams before us.
  1. You shall respect the game and especially your talent and not tread lightly on the field of play. Thou shalt play hard and hustle at all times; for I, Softball, am a jealous sport, but showing mercy and bestowing coaching largess to those who love Me and keep My commandments.
  2. Thou shall not take a called third strike with runners in scoring position.
  3. Remember the Practice days and keep them open for in it you shall work your hardest. All serious athletes practice and work at their craft. Therefore the Coaches blessed the Practice day and consider it holy.
  4. Honor your Coaches and follow their signs so that your playing time may be long upon the fields.
  1. Thou shall not murder helpless opponents but shall display good sportsmanship at all times.
  1. Thou shall strive to not commit mental errors but always anticipate the next play.
  1. Thou shall steal and SLIDE!
  1. Thou shall not argue with umpires, leave that to the coaches.
  1. Thou shall be aggressive in all things Softball; you shall not allow any ball to go un-played nor any strike to pass. You shall always covet the extra base, the next run, the possible hit, anything that is your’s within the rules and these commandments.