Kicking Kiddies Soccer

Updated Tuesday February 7, 2017 by Robert Elkins .

The Kicking Kiddies Program main objective is to initiate a lifelong love of the game of soccer and to promote and emphasize the skill of dribbling, dribbling, dribbling, and more Dribbling.  Our young players need to learn to dribble with every part of the foot and within a variety of playing situations, such as  dribbling forward unopposed, changing speed and direction,  shielding the ball from opponents, dribbling past an  opponent, and using dribbling to get away from  pressure.  The ability to dribble is absolutely critical since dribbling is the foundation and preparation for the other fundamental skills of soccer, such as controlling, passing and shooting.

WANT TO HELP? Please email to register to volunteer. We will need volunteer parent coaches to work with the children at each session. Thank you for your consideration, the program is stronger through your involvement!


All players will be given and are required to wear shin guards covered by socks, sneakers or cleats if you have them. We also provide a shirt (which you will receive by the second session) and a size 3 soccer ball. Please bring your own water bottle.