Updated Thursday November 15, 2018 by Robert Elkins .

PW PAL D-Backs Softball is offering a special 8-week conditioning program designed to get all age softball players into game shape. This program is for all returning, former, and prospective D-Backs, AND MOM BALL Players.

The foundation of a great player includes speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, injury prevention, nutrition and mental toughness. Simply put: Serious athletes train!

Speed, Strength and Injury Prevention Training specifically for Softball:

  • Get your players the right information on how to enhance their base running speed.

  • Get them strong through the core for improved throwing velocity

  • Enhance their range with baseball specific agility and quickness drills

Speed Training: Focus on improving an athlete's technique and conditioning. This will lead to sprint efficiency and increased speed.

Strength Training: Strengthening the muscles used in sprinting helps an athlete cover more ground per stride and be less injury prone. This education will also allow an athlete to properly train on their own when the program is completed.

Flexibility: Increasing an athlete's range of motion will allow for a longer, more efficient stride when sprinting, and decrease the chance of injury. This leads to a faster, safer athlete.

Program takes place Wednesday 8-9 pm @ Daly School Gym starting December 5, 2018.