What to wear, What to bring

Updated Thursday January 25, 2018 by Robert Elkins .


All players will receive a jersey, socks and a visor. Players should wear their own black softball pants and cleats. Players should also be mindful of weather and wear some type of under-armour early in the season and a sweatshirt to early season practices.

All players will need appropriate game equipment. A glove, a bat, and a helmet with a facemask are essential. Optional equipment includes a safety mask, sunglasses, batting gloves, and a water bottle.

The cost of essential equipment is sometimes prohibitive and can be a reason why some kids don’t play. As part of PAL’s $49 program, we will provide essentail equipment to any child that needs it.

WANT TO HELP? Please email to register to volunteer. We need volunteer parent coaches to Coach the teams during games. Parents are also welcome to attend and assist our professional coaches at practices. All volunteers must attend a PAL coaching seminar and also pass a background check. We have been a part of Port Washington for 70 years by insisting that children receive proper age appropriate instruction in a safe nurturing atmosphere.

Thank you for your consideration, the program is stronger through your involvement!