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Play Summer Travel Softball for PW PAL and be part of a competitive program that remembers that enjoying your Softball Summer Season is a way better experience than sitting in your car for hours every weekend driving to some remote tournament. We compete in local tournaments, overnight tournaments, play in 2 local competitive leagues, have weekly clinic style practices run by high level coaches, and do all this at the cost of a non profit program. We also offer the opportunity to play in destination tournaments in Puerto Rico, Cuba, or Italy depending on the year and age. Check specific Summer Schedules for opportunities and details.


There is a balance that needs to be struck between local intra-mural little leagues and full-blown cut-throat travel programs. There should be a place where competition and skill development is more important than winning any particular game. PW PAL is that place. At PW PAL we use only professional coaches to run our teams. As PW PAL Director, I insist on a culture that focuses on skill and player development. Learn to play the game the right way, instill a love for the sport into every player, bond with your teammates and then the fact that we also have great on-field success is truly secondary.



Ozone Park Howard Beach Breast Cancer Research Tournament (Queens NY Memorial Day Weekend)


Lady Diamond Pro’s Father’s Day Classic (Nassau County NY Father’s Day Weekend)


SYRACUSE HOME RUN CLASSIC (Syracuse NY) Typically Mid-July


TURN UP THE HEAT (Hershey PA). Typically last weekend in July or 1st in August. Team visit to Hershey Park after games, park passes for players included in registration fee.



NJBL SUMMER SOFTBALL LEAGUE A league we have won championships in more often than not. Double headers starting after July 4th and play offs ending by August 18th. Most games will be played weeknights at PAL under the lights.


USSSA SUMMER SOFTBALL LEAGUE A very competitive league with games Saturday mornings ot weeknights under our lights.


PRACTICES Clinic style practice every Thursday night 7 pm run. starting May. Regular weekly practices will vary and once school ends will be 2-3x per week. Between games and practices count on 5 days a week of softball. All weeknight events are at night, weekend events are mornings as much as possible.



COST: $850 (plus travel costs). Limited Scholarships available if needed. REGISTRATION: Sign up now at


Remember, we don't make cuts, we make players.