Updated Saturday February 9, 2019 by Robert Elkins .



This incredibly popular sport is ideal for the Pre-K Athlete since it develops hand-eye coordination and foot-eye coordination in a fun atmosphere perfect for the developmental stage of the 4 year old. The "++" is an addition of dynamic movement and activities designed to keep the pre-k athlete engaged.  After a bout of kickball, we may break off into relay races or other similar games that teach athleticism and teamwork.


Kickball is a game similar to baseball in that it was invented in the United States and has been played for more than 100 years. It is typically played among young, school-age children. The lack of both specialized equipment and highly skill-based positions (like pitcher) makes the game an accessible introduction to other sports.


RULES: The rules for kickball are closely related to those of baseball. The main difference is that kickball involves a big rubber ball . Game will be played on the Main Street Ball Field. The Head Coach is the pitcher for both teams. Assistant Coaches will coach the teams. Everybody ‘kicks’ then we switch sides. Fielders will attempt to make outs at the bases, ‘kickers’ will run the bases and try to score. The game is over when time is up and the kids are exhausted and happy!


ORGANIZATION: We fill form evenly numbered teams, do our best to keep friends together and welcome parental involvement.