Updated Monday August 6, 2018 by Robert Elkins .

PW PAL is a Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken chartered organization. Our boundaries and age eligibility extend beyond Little League.


PW PAL BASEBALL PIRATES PHILOSOPHY There is a balance that needs to be struck between local intra-mural little leagues and win at all cost travel programs. There is a better way to do things than well intentioned volunteer parents or the astronomical costs of private, for profit,travelprograms. There should be a place where competition and skill development is more important than winning any particular game. A program where every kid makes the team instead of being cut or slotted to "B" or "C"teams before they're even teenagers. PW PAL is that place.

Our programs are open to all regardless of experience, location, ability to pay or any other program you may be part of. Players must be disciplined, focused, and coachable.

All PW PAL teams are coached by outstanding professional coaches, and assisted by volunteer parents.

PW PAL has long been the place to play Baseball in Port Washington. While other quality programs have taken hold in our 70 years of playing, we are still a standard for quality coaching and honest competition. There is no better setting than picturesque Sunset Park, at night, on the water, under the lights, in the heart of Town on Main Street. Rediscover Baseball the PW PAL way!