Shep Messing Soccer League

Updated Thursday August 16, 2018 by Robert Elkins .


After a standout soccer career that brought him international acclaim and the chance to play alongside Pele, Shep Messing is a true ambassador for youth soccer development and tirelessly dedicates his time and efforts to ensuring young boys and girls learn to play the sport the right way.


The Shep Messing Soccer League will be played "Small-Sided" meaning smaller field with fewer players so each individual is part of the game.  Each week will feature 15 minutes of instruction followed by a game.  Welcome to the way the rest of the worls plays youth Soccer!

The core elements of his training -- fundamental skill on the ball, decision-making and fun -- stem from his philosophy that, since the best players in the world only touch the ball for three minutes in a 90 minute game, the better you can control the ball and make it do what you want it to do, the more you will succeed. Training to Include

  • No drills - only fundamental skills

  • Control the ball and you control the game

  • No lectures - one skill taught each session

  • 15 minutes for the skill of the day

  • 45 minutes of using it in the games 

  • Put the fun back in soccer by playing games