Game Rules

Updated Sunday August 19, 2018 by Robert Elkins .



BALLS 11" pitching machine balls are used.


PITCHING There is no self pitching in this division. Pitching machines are set up approximately 25 feet away from home plate and each batter is given 5 pitches at approximately 20 MPH. If after the 5th pitch the ball in not put in play the batter is out. For safety please keep the girls away from all pitching machines. In order to keep the game at a constant pace, the pitching machine should not be adjusted for each batter, but may be adjusted if the pitches become erratic.


BATTING A Universal Batting Order is used in the Farms Division. Each Player present at the game gets a chance to bat. Because of the length of each half inning as described below, each player may not bat every inning but no player will be permitted to bat twice until every player has batted at least once.


FIELDING: Minimum of 5 defensive players (P, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B). If more than 5 players, up to 4 Outfielders. If more than 5 players, every player will play infield AND outfield.


BASES Bases are 60' apart.


STEALING NO stealing is permitted. Runners may leave the base when the ball is hit.


RUNNING BASES A base runner is permitted to advance a maximum of two bases from where she started during that play (ie. a batter may only advance as far as second base, a runner who started at first base may only advance as far as third base and a base runner who started at second base may reach home plate). All base runners are in jeopardy as they advance from one base to the next, the only exception is in the case of a "Dead Ball". There is no advancing on an overthrow.


DEAD BALL If a batted ball hits either the pitching machine or the coach feeding the machine, each runner automatically advances one base. If there is no force then the runner shall not advance.


INNINGS Each game will consist of a maximum of six innings (time permitting) with each half inning ending after either three outs or 5 runners crossing home plate.


TIME LIMIT The time limit is no new inning after 75 minutes, complete the inning being played, top and bottom. Since the goal is instruction, the home team will bat even if ahead.


DEFENSIVE COACH A defensive coach (2 max) can be in the outfield when the coach’s team is on the field. The coach can instruct and position players at any time during play but cannot touch any player while play is alive.