Program Description

Updated Wednesday July 31, 2019 by Robert Elkins .

Welcome to the PW PAL Soccer Academy trained by Dutch Total Soccer. Our core goal is to ensure that our players reach their individual goals whilst having a lifelong love of the game. We take a holistic approach towards individual development knowing that each player has different needs and challenges. This allows players to excel in a team environment working towards a common goal. At the younger ages technical and tactical instruction is conducted through the application of small-sided games, so that players experience a training environment where creative freedom is encouraged, and individual development has priority. Come the older ages the emphasis shifts towards the tactical understanding of the game and achieving goals as a team. Under the tutelage of our qualified coaching staff, players begin to understand the technical and tactical speed that is required in the modern game. We are looking to help our players to become independent creative thinkers that understand the values of teamwork and communication with their peers. Each training session is designed to help players achieve their maximum potential through progressive exercises that are age appropriate and individually and developmentally challenging.