D-Backs Softball

Updated Thursday August 1, 2019 by Robert Elkins .

There is a balance that needs to be struck between local intra-mural little leagues and full-blown cut-throat travel programs. There should be a place where competition and skill development is more important than winning any particular game. PW PAL is that place. At PW PAL we use only professional coaches to run our teams. As PW PAL Director, I insist on a culture that focuses on skill and player development. Learn to play the game the right way, instill a love for the sport into every player, bond with your teammates and then the fact that we also have great on-field success is truly secondary.

The D-Backs are the only year round program in Town. We compete Spring, Summer and Fall.  Have different levels of Winter Training; strength and agility, pitching clinics, batting clinics and (of course) full Winter Workouts.

Since our inception over 10 years ago virtually every HS Varsity impact player has come through our system.  Get involved now, take your game to the next level!